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Gas Lock Front Sight-D-18 (Dovetail) (USN & USAF)
Smith Enterprise Gas Lock Front Sight-D-18 (Dovetail) (USN & USAF)
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Deck height allows use of GI or match front sight. Chrome-moly, highly advanced metallurgical process. Double heat treated, as well as M80HT, corrosion resistant 60 HRC surface. For 18.0" barrel (i.e. MK14 SEI). 

The GLFS-D-18 is intended for use on 18.0” barrels and is current issue on the
USN MK 14 Mod 0, Mod 1, and Mod 2 rifles. This design will also be incorporated into the forthcoming
USAF MK14 rifle.

Item Nr.: SEI-2013

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