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Front sight holder RACE - Black
ahg Anschutz Front sight holder RACE - Black
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The newly designed front sight holder Race is an alternative to the traditional front sight system. It has some new aiming characteristics which are very comfortable for the eye. The sight is easy to install and it allows for a fast and precise switch from your previous globe and aperture system.
The Race holder consists of a base and an "empty ring". The empty ring is optional and does not have to be used if you perfer not to. The empty ring will mimic your old front sight tunnel, but is thinner and sharper. Instead of a visually confusing structure resembling a front sight body, you now see just a thin black ring in it's place. If you opt to use the empty ring, you can easily control the centering of your rear sight. The empty ring relieves the eye and makes target acquisition easier. The empty ring is also available, as a separate accessory, with a black contrast ring.
The Race system has no disturbing front sight "shape" that's out of sync with the concentric circles of a perfect sight picture, so there's nothing to distract your eye. The target image is detected quickly and centered quickly. There is less chance for aiming error because you spend less time staring at the sight picture and letting it deteriorate due to the uncertainly of what you're seeing.
The open-top front sight concept is new on the international shooting circuit and is catching on quickly with top shooters. Put this on your rifle and see for yourself that a clean, perfectly black pair of rings around your bull gives you a nice crisp sight and target bull image. Visual confidence is the key to shooting deep tens!
All Ahg-Anschutz Race front sight holders ship with the empty ring and adaptors to allow the base to fit popular rifles such as Anschutz, Feinwerkbau, Bleiker, Hammerli, Walther and the older Anschutz Match 54
Please note, main picture shows the RACE with a front sight aperature insalled. Aperatures are sold separate. We stock clear or yellow aperatures that are sold separate so you can custom tune the sight to your specific requirements.
We stock the following sizes: 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5
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