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Premium Match 4.49mm
ahg Anschutz Premium Match 4.49mm
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Made by RUAG

The top product for competition use. The one Olympic winners and world champions rely on. Maximum possible accuracy with maximum dimensional and weight accuracy. Tightest shot groups, clean-cut bullet holes. Minimum  lead fouling and consistent shot spreads thanks to special Match alloy and lubrication. Hand sorted. Head sizes available: 4.48–4.51. Smooth.

A series that matches the air rifle can certainly obtain a hole diameter of just 5mm at 10 meters after 10 shot – with a fixed barrel. In order to be able to maintain the “10” reliably with rifles in particular, you should have a test carried out with a fixed barrel at our H&N shooting ranges. Each air rifle has a slightly different barrel and pressure build-up. Having the air rifle checked by our specialists is definitely worth it!

Qty 1 = 1 Tin of 500 pellets
Head Size: 4,49 mm
Weight:  0,53 g

Item Nr.: 2100-449


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