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Buttstock Assembly, Carbine, M4, Type I
Diemaco Buttstock Assembly, Carbine, M4, Type I
Our Price: $79.95 each
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Limited Quantities
Genuine Colt Fiberlite carbine CAR complete collapsible buttstock.
This is the original buttstock assy for the Colt M4/M4A1 carbine and the Diemaco C8
Often called the "N1" buttstock.  Out of production since 2003.
Some of these are maked with N1, some are not, which was normal.
They all came off surplus C8 Carbines.
As these are surplus parts, we have opted to grade them. Please select the grade you want.
Grade 1 - Mint or near mint. May show slight scratches but overall new condition. $139.95
Grade 2 - Not so mint. Signs of wear or scratches. Nice examples $119.95
Grade 3 - Worn, Scratches, wear on buttplate $99.95
Grade 4 - LAV III condition. sloshed around in the back of the LAV for a while. Scratches, wear marks,
                chunks missing. $79.95
Bare in mind they are surplus taken from C8 Uppers. All items are functional.
Item Nr.: 123-SA52401
Export-Restricted – Cannot ship outside of Canada.

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