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Competition Pistol Kt .38Cal./9mm-.40Cal./10mm-.45Cal. 8" Length
Pro-Shot Competition Pistol Kt .38Cal./9mm-.40Cal./10mm-.45Cal. 8" Length
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Includes 8” working length stainless Micro-Polish (built in coating during rod manufacturing process) swivel handle rod with high quality brass muzzle guard. 
 Spear Tip jags for: .357/.38 Cal./9mm
                          10mm/.40 Cal.
                          .45 Cal.
Nylon Bore Brush Fits .38-.45 Cal. 
Muzzle Guard
Brass Patch Holder
Starter sample of 21/4" Sq. 100% Cotton Flannel Patches 
1/4 oz. of 1-Step Cleaner and Lubricant Dropper Bottle
Item Nr.: C-MULTI

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