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Cleaning Rod Stop Small
Possum Hollow Cleaning Rod Stop Small
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Great companion for your cleaning rod!
Set these stops on your cleaning rod and you can set the exact depth to which the rod travels through the bore. Perfect for use in conjunction with a bore guide. These rod stops will keep you form impacting the rifles action and damaging the rifles crown. They will also eliminate any harsh impacts on the action of the rifle by the metallic bases of some cleaning rods. For use with all cleaning rods! 
Technical Information
Place this stop on your cleaning rod, to set the distance that the rod travels through the bore.
Prevents impact on the action and also damaging the crown. 
Fits cleaning rods up to 6.5mm (perfevt for .22lr Rods)
Use with any brand rod.
Don't over tighten! 
Item Nr.: PHRS-1

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