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Bolt Protector Right
ahg Anschutz Bolt Protector Right
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A MUST HAVE item for travel with your match rifle. ahg-bolt protector is for the safety of bolts during travel or storage and to keep the bolt not only safe, but also clean and protected.
This item is tubular shaped and made from liquid plastic which is hard enough to protect and soft enough not to scratch or damage the bolt itself. It has a special built-in ramp which de-cocks and re-cocks the bolt when inserting and removing it, this relieves spring pressure to prolong the life of your bolt and also the accuracy of your rifle.
It reduces the need to touch the bolt shaft with your hands - removing the lubricant or adding contaminates which would speed up the rusting process on the bolt.
The ahg-bolt protector has a removable aluminum cap for an easy cleaning, enabling the bolt to remain clean and dust free
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