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Ammo Box 30 Rd 22 LR/.17 HMR Rimfire Competition
MTM Case Guard Ammo Box 30 Rd 22 LR/.17 HMR Rimfire Competition
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MTM Flip-Top Ammo Boxes are a great way to protect ammunition from moisture and dust. They feature a textured surface, Snap-lok latch and carry handle. The Flip-Top Match Ammo Box is a great way to store 30 Rounds of 22 Long Rifle with the bullet in the down position segregated into three sections of 10 rounds per section with storage in the middle to hold three 50 round boxes of 22 Long Rifle. 
Technical Information
Material: Polymer 
Notes: Center section holds 3 full boxes of 22 Long Rifle ammo in conventional cardboard packaging (ammo in plastic boxes like Eley will not fit in these spaces, nor will Match ammunition packaged in heavy cardboard boxes.
Fits: 22 Long Rifle , 22 Long, 17 HM2, 22 WMR, 17 HMR
Item Nr.: SB-22

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