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mk4 Hill Air Rifle Pump with Patented Dry-Air System
ahg Anschutz mk4 Hill Air Rifle Pump with Patented Dry-Air System
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4th Gen Hill Pump with Dry Pack.

New! MK4 Air Rifle Pump

  • Even easier to pump
  • Highest volume output
  • Field strip in less than 5 minutes
  • Patented pump and dry air system
  • Removes 90% of moisture from air
  • Special fitting to screw Anschutz Air Cylinders directly on the base.


There is an old Yorkshire saying that "there's nowt new under't sun". A chance encounter with an old Hill pump being used to attempt to charge a modern air rifle reminded us that we've been there; seen it; done it.  Airguns and pumps have been around for centuries but prompted by claims that three stage air pumps are a recent innovation Hill decided to modernise their original 70 year old design. Close consultation with a leading arms manufacturer finely tuned the specification and resulted in a brand new version of their original three stage air compressor, this time dedicated to the airgun market.

Having traded since 1841, Hill have a long pedigree in air pump history. When John Boyd Dunlop developed the first commercial pneumatic tyre early in the 20th century, it was a Hill pump that provided the means of inflation. Many varieties of both two and three stage air compressors have been manufactured since and catalogues from the 1940's show the Hill patented three stage air compressor was then retailing for the princely sum of 38/-. For younger and overseas readers that translates to £1.90 in today's money. Whilst those halcyon days have long gone, the quality associated with Hill and the mark "Made in Sheffield" remain as strong as ever.

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