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.22 Cal.-410 Ga Universal Field Kit
Pro-Shot .22 Cal.-410 Ga Universal Field Kit
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Fits in the Butt Stock of AR15 Rifles - Excellent for stock kit replacement or Range Bags.
Universal Field .22 Cal.-410 Ga.
*Each Rod section accepts accessories, you can clean a pistol, rifle, or shotgun with a maximum of a 32.5" Length barrel.
Kit Includes:
Swivel T Handle
5 Qty. - 6.5" Length Rod Sections
Double End Bronze Gun Brush
Brass Patch Holder for .22-.45 Cal. 
Shotgun Adaptor- Converts #8/32 threads of rifle and pistol into Shotgun thread #5-16/27. 
Shotgun Patch Holder Fist 410 GA thru 10 GA
1/4 Bottle of 1 Step Cleaner/Lubricant
*Kit is packaged in a heavy duty tube with screw on lid with hang hole.
Item Nr.: U-FIELD

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