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1827F Gold
Anschutz 1827F Gold
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On the occasion of 160 year anniversary, ANSCHÜTZ manufactures 160 models of an exclusive and strictly limited anniversary edition.


The exclusive anniversary models are made in excellent gunsmith quality with love and care for details and first class precision. The first of July is the foundation date of the ANSCHÜTZ company and will be the date for presenting our first anniversary model. The following models will be presented every month until IWA Show 2017.

Ever since their foundation 160 years ago, ANSCHÜTZ stands for innovation and perfection. 
The ANSCHÜTZ family stand for this with their name.

The model 1827F GOLD - caliber .22 l.r.

The 1827F ANSCHÜTZ model has set new benchmarks in modern biathlon sport since the very beginning.

The 1827 F ANSCHÜTZ biathlon rifle offers decisive advantages. The straight-pull repeating action is very smooth and easy to open with the index finger for reloading, before closing again with the thumb. The action’s cycling operation is positioned axially to the shooting direction, which prevents the stock from turning or slipping on the shooter's shoulder. The biathlete reloads with a single quick movement of the wrist; the trigger hand can stay on the grip and the elbow remains motionless, which enables a high degree of stability and control. The result is a very short target relocation time, which pays off over the course of the timed competition, particularly across longer distances with multiple targets.

The special features of the 1827F GOLD model
• Milled from select grade walnut in wood class 3, the stock’s surface is oiled.
  and decorated with the ANSCHÜTZ biathlon anniversary logo.

• Black anodised aluminium attachments on the stock.
• 1827F ANSCHÜTZ straight pull repeat action is plated with pure 24-carat gold.
• Five anniversary magazines with aluminium magazine bases accompany the rifle. 

Competing in Style

Since ancient times, gold has been extracted from the earth through many different methods and fashioned by craftsmen,artists, and engineers into the most varied of everyday objects. Over the course of time, gold became increasingly desirable until it was the most important form of currency of the age. That is why even today, gold is associated with wealth, power, and endurance. Gold’s elegant and unique appearance, along with some fascinating properties make it ideal for use in jewellery and handicrafts. 

To accentuate the exclusive and unique design of our 1827F biathlon rifle, we have gold-plated the barrelled action with pure 24-carat gold. The resistant properties of gold allow the use of this decorative item under even the harshest conditions, fulfilling the high demands of a competition. 



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