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1771 Diamond
Anschutz 1771 Diamond
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On the occasion of 160 year anniversary, ANSCHÜTZ manufactures 160 models of an exclusive and strictly limited anniversary edition.

The exclusive anniversary models are made in excellent gunsmith quality with love and care for details and first class precision. The first of July is the foundation date of the ANSCHÜTZ company and will be the date for presenting our first anniversary model. The following models will be presented every month until IWA Show 2017.

Ever since their foundation 160 years ago, ANSCHÜTZ stands for innovation and perfection. 
The ANSCHÜTZ family stand for this with their name.

The model 1771 DIAMOND - caliber .222 Rem.

The 1771 barrelled action was specially developed for hunting varmints, predators, and light game. In contrast to many other rifles which feature larger and heavier actions in these small centerfire calibers, the 1771 barreled action components are slightly scaled down and specifically designed for this small centerfire caliber group. The barrelled action is highly impressive with its smooth bolt movement, outstanding precision, and attention to detail. The excellent feel and accuracy makes it perfect for both hunting and target shooting. Once you shoot the 1771, you will understand why this model is enjoyed by an ever increasing number of hunters and target shooters all over the world.

The special features of the 1771 DIAMOND model
• Oiled Anniversary stock with German cheek piece and light German sytle stock, Schnabel fore-end tip, 
   non-slip checkering an the pistol grip and forend with borders, heartwood wood class 4.
• Uniquely fluted, matt blued 20" precision barrel including M15x1 muzzle threading 
   for attaching a sound moderator or a muzzle brake.
• Specially decorated bolt knob.
• DLC coated receiver for excellent corrosion resistance.
• Perfectly tuned single-stage trigger 5097/2D, set to 500 g, with an adjustment range of 450 g – 750 g.
• Custom machined black anodised aluminum magazine base with anniversary logo and an additional spare magazine.

The DLC coating

The DLC coating (Diamond Like Carbon) is a high-strength coating with that 
offers a high surface hardness, abrasion resistance, and smooth deep-black 
gloss surface. The DLC coating exhibits outstanding resistance against 
aggressive substances such as acids, bases (hand perspiration) and solvents. 



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