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1771 D GRS .223 REM
Anschutz 1771 D GRS .223 REM
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Model 1771
A made-to-scale repeater for predator and light game such as roe deer. The perfect fit for cartridges in .222REM & .223 Rem. This trim rifle is perfectly ballanced and feels quite a home when shooting from the prone or standing position, even running shots on moving game, as well as on the bench. It is designed for highly precise shots, a familiar environment to our ANSCHÜTZ target rifles. Once you shoot one, you will start to understand why the ANSCHÜTZ hunting repeaters are enjoying ever increasing popularity with hunters and shooters all over the world.
Item Nr.: 100-014227 .223 REM
Total length (cm): 106 - 109
Total weight (kg): 3.8
Barreled Action
Material: Steel
Bolt throw : 60
Locking: Two row six locking lug (2x3)
Locking surface: Over 70 mm2
Finsih: blued
Type: Single stage trigger 5097/2 D
Version: right
Color of the trigger shoe: Black
Safety: Sliding safety catch on the right side
Trigger weight, adjusted (g): 1200
Adjustment of the trigger weight (mm): 1000-2000
Material: Steel
Finish: blued
Caliber: .223 Rem.
Length of twist (mm): 229
Number of grooves: 6
Rifling (mm): 523
Muzzle diameter (mm): 18
Barrel length (mm): 586
Length of stock (mm): 770
Weight (g): 1400
Clamping piece at the cheek: yes
Stock type: GRS
Butt plate: GRS-Rubber butt plate
Material: Birch laminated wood
Stock color: natural
Length of pull (mm): 350-380
Caliber: .223 Rem.
Capicity: 4

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