Anschütz Anniversary Models
ANSCHÜTZ Anniversary models

On the occasion of 160 year anniversary, ANSCHÜTZ manufactures 160 models of an exclusive and strictly limited anniversary edition. This anniversary-edition consists of 8 different models. ANSCHÜTZ produces 20 exemplars of each of these 8 models. These unique models are produced by our specialists in the number range from 160 0001 - 160 0160.

For the anniversary edition, eight models were chosen from our hunting line, biathlon line and target line, which are produced with the best gunsmith quality, great attention to detail, and outstanding precision workmanship. Additional you get an exclusive and special booklet with certificate and all information on our anniversary and the special model.

The first of July is the foundation date of the ANSCHÜTZ company and was the date for presenting the first anniversary model. The second, third and fourth anniversary model models has been presented in recent months. Now four of the eighth anniversary editions have already been presented.

We are sure that every marksman, hunter, biathlete and fan will enjoy these exceptional rifle's with the same enthusiasm as we do.

1712 Varmint


1771 Diamond


1781 Hunter