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1416 D HB G Classic 18" .22 LR
Anschutz 1416 D HB G Classic 18" .22 LR
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The action is a bolt action with cam cocking system, claw extractor and additional cartridge holder and ejector. An 11 mm grooved receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounts makes it possible to attach a telescopic sight. A lateral sliding safety blocks the trigger. The rifle can be loaded and unloaded in the safe position. The bolt face is recessed for full cartridge head support. An additional gas escape groove guarantees safety.
At this model of the series Match 64 modifications were carried out in the area of the receiver. The external diameter was enlarged from 25 mm to 26 mm. This modification entails some advantages. The weight of the receiver was increased by 12 % which makes the barreled action more rigid. In addition the locking surface is enlarged by 15 % which leads to even more safety for the shooter when firing the shot. The new shape of the receiver will be continued in the firing pin nut which makes the system more elegant. In addition the old engraving on the upper side of the prism has been replaced by the more attractive „Wave-Style“.
Barreled Action:
The Match 64 action is used in the ANSCHÜTZ Luxus repeaters 1416/1417 and 1516/1517. This is a bolt action with cam cocking, claw extractor, additional cartridge holder and ejector. Telescopic sight mounting is by an 0.43" wide ANSCHÜTZ Wave Style V-block dovetail rail or by additional drilled and tapped holes. The sliding safety catch on the right hand side blocks the trigger sear in the safe position and simultaneously lifts the trigger sear and bolt release latch. The bolt can also be opened in the safe position, allowing unloading the firearm with the safety engaged.
ANSCHÜTZ target two stage and single stage triggers have always set the standard for quality, reliability and precision. It is not without reason that ANSCHÜTZ triggers are known as the best in the world!

ANSCHÜTZ match triggers are a big part in the success of all ANSCHÜTZ target and hunting rifles. The high grade of accuracy guarantees consistent trigger properties. The various adjusting properties are extraordinary characteristics which meet all requirements of target shooters around the world.
The heavy cylindrical precision barrel with a barrel length of 18 "and barrel thread is manufactured in the ANSCHÜTZ special process and has an excellent shooting performance. these barrels are manufactured according to the same ANSCHÜTZ special process, used for the manufacture of the world-famous ANSCHÜTZ target barrels. The same also applies to the manufacturing process of the chamber.
Technical Data
Barrel thread: 1/2" 20 UNF
Barrel length (mm): 457


This model is delivered without sight. However the receiver is equipped with threaded holes for an individual scope mount. 


Well-balanced, handy classical hunting stock made of walnut. With straight comb without cheek piece, non-slip checkering on pistol grip and forend. Depending on the model, oiled or lacquered with black synthetic butt plate or rubber butt plate and sling swivel studs.
Technical Data
Stock type: Classic
Butt plate: Synthetic butt plate
Material: Walnut
Stock color: non-stained
Stock finish: lacquered
Weight 5.72 LBS/2.59KG
Delivered with 1 5 round capicity magazine:


Barreled Action
Material: Steel
Locking: Locking lug
Finsih: blued
Type: Single stage trigger
Version: right
Color of the trigger shoe: Black
Safety: Sliding safety catch on the right side
Trigger weight, adjusted (g): 1200
Adjustment of the trigger weight (mm): 1000-2000
Barrel thread: 1/2" 20 UNF
Barrel length (mm): 457
Sight set
Stock type: Classic
Butt plate: Synthetic butt plate
Material: Walnut
Stock color: non-stained
Stock finish: lacquered
Caliber: .22 l.r.
Capazity: 5
Item Nr.: 013892

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